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Saving Money On Groceries April 14, 2019

For so many, groceries are the biggest budget buster of all, because it’s a big, ongoing expense that we can’t cut! So how can we save money in this area and still get what we need? Yunhwa McDowell is Co-Founder of SavingCents.org, a website that shares tips on how to save on all aspects of your life, including everyday expenses like groceries, weddings and starting a family. Some of her favorite ways to save on groceries include shopping at home first and meal planning. 


Why a grocery list is a MUST
How to shop the sales effectively
Pros & cons of buying in bulk
Ways to save when buying in bulk
Shopping the Season and how to figure out what’s in season
Name brand versus generic - cheaper isn’t always better!
Where to get the best coupons with the least hassle online

Cash-back apps - which are the best and are they worth it?
Eating healthy without busting your budget
Ways to avoid overspending at the grocery store
Prioritizing your purchases at the register to avoid overspending
Check your receipts for price discrepancies! It happens a lot!
Growing your own - is it worth it?
How pick up & delivery services can save you money