Will Your Kids Have Enough Money?

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Financial literacy educator, Paul Vasey talks about setting kids up for financial success & freedom.

In This Episode

  • Easy ways to teach kids about money
  • Benefits of involving kids in the family finances
  • How parents & kids can learn about money together
  • Determining the value of money
  • Why financial stress exists at any income level
  • Fun games that teach financial literacy
  • Why games are a great way to teach financial literacy
  • Sales – are you really saving money?
  • The financial benefits of tough love
  • Teachable moments at gas stations, grocery stores & more!
  • FinCon Junior – a wealth of resources for kids & parents!
  • Benefitting from your mistakes
  • Focusing on what you want – not what the Joneses have
  • Financial Independence for you and your kids
  • Working together on financial goals
  • The history of Cash Crunch Games
  • C.O.B.S.