The Saving Secret

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Jamie Beath, vlogger & creator of reveals the secret to saving more money!

In This Episode

  • What is the savings secret?
  • Why monthly budgeting is important
  • Looking beyond today’s expenses
  • The difference between saving and investing
  • Saving versus paying off debt versus investing
  • Setting up your system
  • Why your investments don’t matter…today
  • 4 ways to make your money last longer after a job loss
  • Budgeting = strategizing
  • New opportunities versus a desperate job search
  • Using your resources to rebound & thrive
  • 3 financial numbers everyone should know
  • Saving is not about spending less money
  • How to put more money in your savings account
  • What is your savings rate?
  • Why percentages matter
  • Saving for quality of life
  • Jamie’s “dish” on the “budget buffet”
  • Why your “why” matters!