The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 8

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Get fiscal on date night!

Another Friday night…date night…nowhere to go.

The past year has provided many saving opportunities, since we can’t really go out – and that’s a blessing, from a savings standpoint. But it’s Friday – allowance day – and I want to go out!

Since that’s not going to happen, we’ll go for a drive, grab some grub from a drive thru and come back home. We have a fairly large TV, so dinner and a movie is still an option! Plus, it’ll give us time to chat about what we’d really like to do, if we could go out.

Maybe we should make a wish list of fun things that cost a bit more than we’d normally spend on a date night. We could create a new budget category called “extravagant date night” and put the money we’re “forced to save” in it for safe keeping, until this lockdown ends.

How much can we save? We should find some friends that want to try the same thing and have a contest!

How much can you save? And what would you save it for? Send me your thoughts: