The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 61

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Diet Coke & Dr. Seuss

It is bittersweet that my eating out budget will stretch a bit further from now on. I’ve been drinking Diet Coke faithfully since I can remember – it’s either that or water, there is no in between. But from now on, it’s just water.

I will not support a company that requires its employees to go through “diversity training” that urges them to be less white. It’s laughable that anyone can call that diversity training. It is racist, by definition, and I refuse to support it. Click here to read the story.

Thank you, Coca-Cola for what will amount to thousands of dollars of savings through the rest of my lifetime, as I steer clear of your products.

At the same time, it’s a good thing I don’t have children because if I did, I’d want to read them books from classic characters, but not at the hefty price some Dr. Seuss books are going for now.  It seems they won’t be printed anymore, due to their “racist” nature.

I’ve heard my regular grocery store required the same “diversity training” as Coca-Cola, so I will no longer be shopping there, even though it means I’ll have to pay more for my groceries.

How about we take a cue from “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and think before we throw around the term “racism.” When people use it to manipulate others, make a buck or gain political power, it diminishes the severity and seriousness of what racism really is.

When we stay silent, we are allowing emotional blackmail to rule our lives. I cannot be silent.

We are being bullied and a bully doesn’t stop until someone stands against them. I will stand up with my pocketbook and refuse to support companies who bully or bow to the bullies.

I am thankful I have a budget to lean on, giving me confidence that I can pay a little more out-of-pocket, in order to keep my integrity.

The trade-off is priceless.