The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 58

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Grilled cheese, homeless & budgeting

Last night, Scott and I went to a local hamburger place for dinner. We had to sit outside, but it was so nice to be able to eat at the restaurant, instead of having to take it home!

I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and they made two, by mistake, so I ended up with an extra. After we finished eating, we decided to find a homeless person to give the extra sandwich to. After watching a man’s eyes light up at something that probably would have gone to waste if we’d taken it home, we started talking about how we could help more people.

This is a conversation we’ve had many times in the past, but this time we talked about how we could budget for it. We’ll have to start small, since we’re still trying to build our financial foundation. But the day will come when we can budget much more to our “helping those in need” category and we’re excited about all the different things we’ll be able to do!

As I’m thinking about it, this is a much more exciting thought than what we could spend on for ourselves. Yesterday, I mentioned the tax refund – and I think it would be much more fulfilling, in the short and long term, to spend that money helping others than frivolous spending on ourselves. Totally a personal opinion, but it makes me even more dedicated to reaching our short-term financial goals, so we can help others in a much bigger way down the road!

I can’t wait to, as Dave Ramsey says, “give like no one else.”

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