The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 54

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The budgeting checklist

I can’t believe we’re less than a week away from a new month! Time to check my spending plan and make sure I’m ready, so I can budget as soon as my paycheck hits the bank!

Here’s what’s on my checklist:

1. Do I need to buy gifts or have money set aside for any birthdays?

2. Do I want to buy something green or have money set aside for St. Patrick’s Day?

3. Do I need a haircut or an oil change?

4. Are there any subscriptions renewing that I haven’t budgeted for?

5. Do I have any planned medical visits that will cost me out-of-pocket?

6. Is my car due for regular maintenance?

7. Are there any other unusual things happening next month that I need to pan for?

8. Can I fit all these things in my budget, or do I need to put some off until April?

9. Do I have categories for all these items in my budget, or do I need to create some new ones?

These are some of the things on my checklist, so I can plan for the month ahead.

What’s on your budgeting checklist? Email me!