The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 49

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The payoff

I came across an article yesterday, outlining “old school” money ideas. They all represent great ways to save money or at least prevent overspending. Pay cash for everything, track your expenses, fix things instead of replacing them, buy used instead of new, practice patience when considering a purchase and find free entertainment.

It really got me thinking about how complicate personal finance really isn’t! These are fantastic ideas that don’t take money management skills, a college degree or any other formal training.

Isn’t it funny how we complicate the not-so-complicated? I do it with diets, exercise – things I don’t really find fun to put effort into, even though the benefits are immeasurable! I’d rather have the quick fix of a shake or a pill, so I can keep eating whatever I want and spending time on anything other than exercise!

I’m pretty sure I complicate these things as an excuse for not doing what I could and should to make the changes.

Knowing this is both freeing and aggravating. It means I have the power to improve my life, without spending a bunch of money to do it! It also means I have to take the initiative to improve my life, not expect a shake or pill – or a financial windfall – to do it for me.

With that said, financial windfalls are great, when you can find them! Here’s a few I came across on my Internet travels!

Get paid to move!

Prize-Linked Accounts

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