The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 48

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Subtle servitude

Today I heard a phrase I’ve never heard before: “subtle servitude” – referring to debt. The more we have, the more enslaved we are. It starts small and gets bigger so subtly, it can take a while for us to realize when it’s gotten out of control. It’s so sad when you think of it in those terms. We choose to use debt, so we are actually enslaving ourselves.

The flip side of this sad truth is that we can choose to stop using debt and break free from the slavery that comes with it! And the best part is anyone can do it, regardless of income or the size of our debt!

It’s so freeing, if only people will believe! It took me a long time to believe and now that I do, I long to find a way to help others believe it too! Believing is the first step to achieving debt freedom!

Simple choices cause our debt – we say yes to spending. Simple choices can end our debt – we can say no to spending.

The secret to debt freedom is to stop creating new debt. Simple as that. If you stop creating new debt and keep paying what you owe, eventually you will be debt free.

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