The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 45

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Love & Money

Valentine’s Day and here we are – still in the middle of a pandemic! In California, that means no romantic dinners at fancy restaurants (at least, not inside!) Luckily, you can still buy last-minute flowers from the guy on the freeway offramp!

Personally, I prefer longer term romance. The idea of Scott paying an exorbitant amount for roses because it’s February 14th – roses that will die in a week or two – sickens me! I don’t consider it romantic; I consider it a waste of money. True, I’ve never been a big lover of flowers anyway, but if you’re going to buy something to “show your love” I prefer something I can keep forever – even better, something that’s going to benefit us both in the long run.

Call me unromantic, too practical, whatever, but why do we have to “show our love” by spending money on things because tradition told us to? Buy me a stock! Give me a bank receipt that shows a deposit to our savings account! Give me a collage of pictures of things we want to do together in the future – a dream board of truly romantic things we’d enjoy as a couple – things we can afford, if we’re not buying flowers and cards that get discarded.

Romance is expressing love for your significant other. Scott shows his love by doing or saying things that show he really listens to me, understands my hopes and dreams and supports the goals and ideas that are important to me. He gives me flowers every day in so many ways!

Our idea of great gifts are relieving each other of a task we know the other doesn’t enjoy, or quiet time together, just talking – sometimes about our goals and dreams for the future, sometimes about our fond memories and regrets of the past, but it’s always a bonding experience. After almost 22 years of marriage, I love that we still find new ways to bond!

I’m not against people who spend money on Valentine’s Day – to each his own – but I am against the idea that you HAVE to spend money to show you care. And I’ll go one step further; if money is tight, I think it’s the opposite of romantic or loving to spend money on Valentine’s Day. It causes unnecessary financial stress and moves you farther away from things that are much more important in life.

Scott and I are celebrating today by counting our blessings – each other; a nice warm day; enough food, clothing and shelter to keep us safe and cozy; and a few luxuries at home to keep us comfortable! What more could we possibly ask for?

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas!