The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 42

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Attitude of Gratitude

We went to Home Depot last night. On our way to the main entrance, we walked by a row of barbecue grills. My first thought was – only in California would they be selling those in February – knowing people can and will use them right away! My second thought was how It used to make me sad looking at all those beautiful outdoor grills, wishing I could afford to buy the best of the best for Scott – he LOVES to barbecue!

But last night, as we walked by, I suddenly realized I CAN afford to buy him the best, most expensive grill they have…but I’m not going to! We have other goals that are way more important to both of us than that grill – and there are certainly other resources for him to get his barbecuing fix! His parents have a barbecue – they’d be happy to let him use it, and reap the rewards of his hobby! They’re nearby; the drive would take no time at all. Plus, we have a community grill in our apartment complex. It’s not top of the line, but it works well and is almost always available. There’s really no reason to buy our own.

But the feeling I had, from walking past those grills, was odd and exciting! It feels great to be able to say I can have it if I want it. I don’t feel that deprived, “woe is me” feeling that was prevalent for much of my life, from everything always being “out of reach” financially. But I also don’t have to buy things, just because I can! I don’t even want them anymore. I’m grateful for what I have, resourceful for what I need and willing to wait for what I want.

Budgeting made it possible! Discipline and determination made it a reality.

Life is a work in progress. There will always be new goals; there will always be ups and downs. But I feel much more clear on what kind of life I want to live, and what I truly need to make it happen!

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