The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 38

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Debt-free celebrations

Remember when mortgage burning parties were a thing? Neither do I. It’s unfortunate that many of us don’t remember paying off the mortgage as something people actually did and celebrated on a regular basis!

I’ve never heard of credit card burning parties – or any other kind of debt-free celebrations (with the exception of Dave Ramsey’s debt-free screams, which I LOVE!) Why isn’t this a thing? It seems to me the reason is because not a lot of people prioritize getting out of debt to the point where they’re actually focused on making it happen.

What if part of our incentive for getting out of debt was the big celebration that would come at the end? A celebration where you could gather friends and family to share in your joy of no longer being a slave to your credit card company! A celebration where you could share all the trials and tribulations you persevered through, in order to make this milestone happen! A celebration where you could share all you’ve learned with someone who is still hurting and could greatly benefit from your experience!

I think debt-free celebrations should be a thing! If you’ve taken the steps and made the sacrifices necessary to pay off your debt, you’re starting a whole new life! That should be celebrated!

When Scott and I paid off our debt, we celebrated with friends. It was very low key but a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion. We were proud of ourselves – it took a lot to get there – and we wanted to share our joy!

I encourage anyone currently on their debt-free journey to plan a debt-free celebration – it’s another motivation to keep you moving toward your goal; and lots of fun to think about and plan!

What does your debt-free celebration look like? Email your ideas!