The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 18

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Hitting your financial target

Today Scott and I went to the shooting range. His goal was getting in some target practice and having some fun. My goal was to fire a gun without breaking into tears! Guns scare me, always have. But I want to be able to defend myself if, God forbid, the need ever arises. I feel strongly that becoming comfortable with a gun and confident in firing it is something I need to do. I consider it an insurance policy – one I hope never to use.

I succeeded at the first half of my goal but failed at the second. I fired the gun, several times; I even made it out of the shooting range with a straight face, but on the way home my rattled nerves got the best of me and I broke down. Scott was so supportive; he told me he’d never ask me to go again, but was more than willing to take me, when I’m ready. And he certainly won’t pressure me to ever fire the gun again.

I thought about it. I could throw in the towel and let my fear get the best of me. I’d never have to feel the fear of trying this new thing again, but I’d never reap the rewards that will come from facing and overcoming that fear.

My biggest fear is making a mistake that could cause serious harm, which is really fear of the unknown, because I have no idea how guns really work.

Budgeting is the same way. It’s fear of the unknown. People want to better their financial lives, but fear paralyzes them, because they don’t know what to expect. The unknown. I watch so many go through the process in a very timid way, as if one misstep will cause irreparable harm.

Unlike a gun, making budgeting mistakes will not end your life or anyone else’s! I’m honestly not making light of the fear. I get it. My budgeting journey started out that way, as well, but I quickly learned that making mistakes, and learning from them, bettered my situation; more than staying stagnate in fear ever could have.

Fear of the unknown is highly treatable, through education and practice. Luckily, budgeting is something you can learn and practice every day – the knowledge and tools are all around us, just waiting to be used. And the undo button works very well!

Everyone learns differently. For certain tasks, I want someone to walk along side me and show me step by step. For others, just let me read the guide and I’ll figure it out! No matter how you learn, stick with it! I guarantee you’ll fail, so fail big! Because after that, it’s nothing but growth.

In time, you’ll always hit your budgeting targets!