The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 12

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Stimulus check – spend or save?

I’ve been hearing so much chatter about stimulus checks and how people will use them; I find it a bit odd.

Some of our “leaders” seem concerned that people would save the money, instead of spending it! To a degree, I can understand this – if the lament is that people who may not need the money today will get it. Fair enough, it is taxpayer money and it shouldn’t be dispersed frivolously (although it makes me wretch when I think how much of our taxpayer money is dispersed frivolously on a regular basis!).

But I fail to see how someone saving their stimulus money can be a frivolous or bad thing! This means that they’re not in dire straits today, but are planning ahead for the day when an emergency will befall them – and let’s face it, we’re all going to be hit with some type of emergency in our lives!

Why is it wrong to save for a rainy day? When we plan ahead and create a solid financial foundation, it lessens the burden on other taxpayers and the government later on, because we don’t have to depend on government programs & subsidies.

Think about this: no matter how much debt you have, our government has you beat by a mile – and it’s growing every day. I’ve never heard of a plan to pay off this debt – have you? I only hear discussions about how to make the interest payments.

This is the system we’re supposed to depend on for unemployment, social security and pensions? No, thank you. This seems unsustainable to me. At some point, the financial promises that have been made will have to be broken. There’s already talk of all these becoming insolvent.

I think I’ll save my stimulus check, just in case the government can’t bail me out in the future.