The Diary of a Budgeter – Day 11

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The Money Organizer

I was thinking about how much I enjoy the budgeting process and trying to figure out what I really liked about it. I LOVE the results; it’s made my life better in so many ways! But why do I enjoy the process?

Then it hit me! I like to organize money the way others like to organize closets, kitchens, garages, etc. So perhaps, since “budget” seems to be an almost dirty word, we should use “organize” instead. Perhaps, instead of a Budget Coach, I should call myself a Money Organizer.

I see the act of organizing money as exciting and creative, as well as highly productive! And there are so many different ways to do it, depending on what you want, how you think and what’s important to you.

In the same way two people may want their kitchens organized in a completely different way – based on whether they’re more interested in a certain look or functionality, two people could CERTAINLY want their money organized differently. While one is trying to get out of debt, the other is saving for a rainy day. Maybe they’re both saving for a vacation, but one wants to be sure there’s a certain amount of money for every part of the vacation – hotel rooms, dinners out, shows, air fare – and the other just wants to save a certain amount and decide how to use it later!

There is no right or wrong in this organizing process, it’s just figuring out what you want to accomplish and finding the best way to accomplish it!

There are many people who want the result – an organized closet, kitchen, garage…or money – but they don’t want to do the work to organize it! That’s ok – there are people out there (like me!) who’ve organized their own, but still need the creative outlet to do it again!

But, like anything else, it has to be maintained or the organizing is useless! I can’t remember how many times I organized my dresser drawers, as a kid, swearing that this time I would keep them neat and tidy, only to get lazy, let it go for a while and then get irritated, throw up my hands and decide it was useless to organize! It took me a long time to finally realize and admit that organizing only goes so far – maintenance is key!

But maintenance can be streamlined and that’s a creative process too! The weird part is, I’ve streamlined my money maintenance to the point where it doesn’t take long, which is a bummer for me, because I enjoy it!

So I hope to find more people in search of a money organizer, who can teach them to streamline the maintenance process! Maybe if we look at it that way, more people will come to realize the benefits, if not the joys, of budgeting!