The CentsAble Chat Second Anniversary Special

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Tips on saving, investing, budgeting & strategizing from some of the brightest minds in personal finance. You’ll hear highlights from every chat over the past two years!

In This Episode

  • How strategic distraction can bring you wealth
  • Tax breaks for the not-so-rich
  • Ways to save on groceries
  • 4 Categories that matter most for building wealth
  • How smart millionaires spend their money
  • How saving cuts financial stress
  • Creating a wedding budget with your fiancé
  • An alternative to traditional allowance
  • Planning for emergencies on a tight budget
  • Buying a car on a budget
  • Cutting your car insurance bill
  • Negotiating medical bills
  • Deciding when bankruptcy is best
  • The biggest pitfalls of student loan debt
  • Getting a degree without the debt
  • Saving on prescription medications
  • Debt payoff strategies
  • Educating kids with intentional spending
  • Financial matchmaking
  • Avoiding the paycheck to paycheck cycle
  • Negotiating your income
  • Dangers of mindless spending
  • Gift giving on a budget
  • Improving your finances without a windfall
  • Tips for retirement planning
  • How to pay off student loan debt faster
  • Getting started on your debt-free journey
  • Life after debt
  • Changing your mindset to change your life
  • How to avoid financial chaos for those you leave behind
  • Money as a vehicle
  • Investing your change
  • Using financial struggles as teachable moments
  • An alternative to crowd-funding & payday loans
  • Benefits of compound interest
  • Budgeting for your first home
  • Prioritizing your goals
  • House Hacking
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