Small Change Makes A Big Difference

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Understanding your investment options and how small change can make a big difference in your budget, today and tomorrow – with Peter Richon, Founder & CEO of Richon Planning.

In This Episode

  • Low-cost, investment options
  • Micro investing apps – are they worth it?
  • Weighing your 401K investment options – don’t miss the company match!
  • Finding money to contribute to your 401K
  • Saving versus investing
  • It’s never too early, too late, too little or too much!
  • Importance of saving for retirement, even if money is tight
  • How budgeting can help with investing
  • Your dollars are your employees – make them work for you!
  • Why investing is especially important for the not-so-rich
  • Money is tight today – let’s make it more flexible for tomorrow!
  • Turning emergencies into inconveniences
  • Paying off debt versus investing – which comes first?
  • Benefits of the debt snowball method
  • Investing is NOT just for retirement!
  • Financial progress begins and ends with the budget