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Healthcare is Making Me Sick

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Scott Heiser, Author of “Healthcare Is Making Me Sick” teaches you how to navigate the sea of options, prices & services to find the best health insurance plan – and how to cut medical costs all year long!

In This Episode

  • Taking charge of your healthcare, choices & costs
  • What is a health risk assessment, and how can it save you money?
  • The difference between healthcare and health insurance
  • Determining which health insurance plan is best for you
  • Ways to find transparency in pricing
  • How to save money on surgeries, prescriptions, general visits, etc
  • HMO versus PPO Premiums versus deductibles versus copays
  • Health insurance purchasing checklist
  • The importance of having an advocate
  • How HSA & FSA options impact health insurance options
  • Negotiating costs before-hand and medical bills after the fact
  • Shopping your healthcare=
  • Comparing prices across the country
  • Check your bills for mistakes, just like at the grocery store!
  • How you communicate with doctors matters!
  • How lifestyle choices impact our healthcare & insurance costs
  • Discount prescription cards really work!
  • The importance of planning doctor’s visits – have a list of questions!
  • Alternatives to traditional health insurance

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