Sammy Rabbit’s Money Habits

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Lead The Way

Kids practice what they’re taught

Your children need you to lead the way. From how to dress, eat properly, interact within a polite society and especially handle money. Learning good money habits sets them up to respect the power of money and what it means to them. creator, Sam X. Renick leads you through fun and important tips, tricks and lessons in teaching kids about money.

Make Money Fun!

Sammy’s the solution!

Sammy Rabbit’s resource hub opens up a world of financial literacy, as kids have fun, are entertained and learn about money.

Make Your Kids Strong

Knowing how money works gives them confidence

Through interactive play, your kids will understand that money is a tool. This leads to confidence. Smart spending and saving gives the ability to make their dreams come true and live their ultimate life!

Family Fun

Bring everybody together for family money fun!

Activities geared toward children are a great way to bring the family together. Nothing’s more satisfying than kids excited to learn, and that’s exactly what these lessons do. While creating an opportunity for fun family time, it presents possibilities for parents to learn something new. Most importantly, parents can speak to their children about money on a whole new level! Lead the way. Learn all about Sammy Rabbit’s Money Habits in teaching kids about money!