photo of Michele Cagan

Retirement 101

Bobbi Olson Podcast

CPA & Author, Michele Cagan chats about why saving for retirement is important at any age, easy ways to get started and how to deal with life’s many obstacles that get in the way.

Plus CentsAble Bobbi shares tips for finding money for retirement savings, in any budget!

In This Episode

  • It’s never too early to start planning for retirement – regardless of your income!
  • Retirement is about having the freedom to choose whether you want to work or not
  • Prioritizing debt payoff, retirement savings and emergency savings
  • How compound interest can grow your money – even just a few dollars
  • Using bucket strategies to build & protect your financial foundation
  • Balancing saving with financially caring for parents & children
  • Finding resources to help care for aging parents
  • Family planning sessions to meet everyone’s financial needs
  • Retirement savings or paying for kids’ college – what’s the right priority?
  • How looking for resources can save you money
  • Benefits of the FIRE Movement
  • Pitfalls of reverse mortgages – BUYER BEWARE!
  • Protecting your retirement nest egg during a divorce – GET A QUADRO!
  • Social Security & IRS Scams – what you need to know
  • Benefits of a MySocialSecurity Account – at any age!
  • What the new SECURE Act means for you – now and later!
  • The importance of having all the facts, before making a financial decision
  • Medicare – start planning early!
  • Timing it wrong will cost you for life!
  • Finding money for retirement savings, even on a tight budget

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