Planning for Your First Home

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Justine Chan, Founder of discusses the pre-home buying process – from mistakes to avoid, to tips for saving money & stress. Plus, “CentsAble” Bobbi shares budgeting tips for buying your first home.

In This Episode

  • First-time home buyer mistakes
  • Understanding the process
  • The timeline for buying a home
  • The 3 stages of home buying
  • Why the pre-home buying stage is critical
  • Benefits of a good credit score
  • Choosing the best mortgage option
  • A holistic look at homebuying
  • Why criteria is an important first step
  • Budgeting for homebuying
  • Why doing the math is critical
  • Budgeting for costs associated with homebuying
  • Budgeting for ongoing homeownership costs
  • Renting versus buying
  • Answering the “can I afford it?” question
  • Saving for the down payment
  • Should you DIY or get an agent?
  • Benefits of pre-approval