Personal Finance Christmas Gift Ideas

Bobbi Olson Articles

Great Christmas gift ideas are hard to come by. If you’ve made strides in your financial life this year and are looking for ideas to “share the wealth,” consider these unique gifts that could help someone else get control of their money in 2020!

Some of my favorite budgeting gifts:

  1. “Cash Crunch Junior” – The financial literacy game for kids ages 5-12. It focuses on money habits and encourages conversations about money, social responsibility and family values. Use the coupon code “centsablechat20” to get 20% off!
  2. “Debt Free Degree” – A great book by Anthony ONeal that will help kids & their parents create a plan to go to college without crippling student loans.
  3. YNAB – A budgeting app and book that will change the way you think about and manage your money!
  4. “End Financial Stress Now” – A life-changing book, by Emily Guy Birken, that’s chock full of great strategies to tackle stress and make great strides in your financial life, regardless of your income!
  5. “Financial Peace University” – The class that teaches you how to pay off debt, budget, save money and give generously!
  6. “Budgeting 101” – By Michele Cagan. From getting out of debt and tracking expenses to setting financial goals and building your savings, this book is your essential guide to budgeting!
  7. Budget Coaching – A program that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your budget, planning for your financial goals and learning how to stay on track – with a built in accountability partner to provide tools, resources and guidance throughout the entire process!

Happy Holidays!