The Gift of Financial Literacy

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Kids & money are not synonymous. Paul Vasey, Creator of the financial literacy game, “Cash Crunch Junior” discusses his game and creative ways to teach kids invaluable money management & personal finance skills! Plus, Centsable Bobbi talks about the magic of Christmas and how to make your wishes come true!

In This Episode

  • Turning dreams & wish lists into achievable goals
  • Using games to teach kids about money
  • How to teach kids the value of money
  • Ways to talk to kids about money – on their level
  • How to have constructive money conversations with your kids
  • Money skills – prevention versus correction
  • How to engage kids in the process of smart spending and saving
  • “Oh Boy” cards – learning the value of money, versus possessions
  • Teaching financial responsibility
  • “Income” cards – learning ways to make money & reinforcing good behavior Making smarter financial decisions
  • “Debbie Debt” – Teaching kids to understand debt
  • The value of tough love
  • How young is too young to learn about money?
  • The value of possessions versus experiences
  • Breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle
  • The value of money versus time
  • The importance of having a plan for your money
  • Creative ways to educate your kids about money at home
  • Turning wasteful habits into money lessons
  • Advocating for financial literacy in your kids’ schools

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