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So...You Think You're Insured? October 14, 2019

Bride-to-be, Molly McKenna cancelled her wedding after being hit with a $40,000 hospital bill, even though she was insured…but, unknowingly, “out of network”! After providing her insurance information at least three different times and even asking her doctor if her insurance would cover it, Molly had an emergency surgery. She went home to begin a long and difficult recovery. Several weeks later, the hospital called to schedule her post-op visit and that’s when she found out she was out of network and, therefore, financially responsible for the entire bill of $40,000.
Molly reached out to several sources for help, including the hospital itself, hoping they would work with her. It wasn’t until her story aired on CBS News that the hospital decided there was “an opportunity for improvement” in her situation.


Molly’s entire story, in her own words
The truth about how your insurance is actually verified
Why due diligence and advocating for yourself is crucial
How to do your due diligence
The importance of understanding your insurance plan
How Molly negotiated a $12,000 bill down to $3,500
Understanding your rights - knowledge is power!
Why Molly cancelled her wedding, after depleting her savings to pay medical bills
When the going gets rough, stay hopeful and be grateful!