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SAVING ON TAXES March 18, 2019

For over 20 years, CPA Michele Cagan has helped people navigate their personal & business finances, to solidify their financial futures. She’s authored several books and dozens of articles about accounting & finance, making complicated financial theories easy to understand.
If you’re confused about the new tax rules and want to keep more of your own money as much of your money out of the IRS’ hands, take a listen! 


Win money by saving!
Turbo Tax versus a tax professional - which should you choose?
If you’re self employed, you can take write-offs and still get the standard deduction!
Contractor or employee - which is the better choice?
Payment plans & options for paying the IRS
Tax credits for low & middle income earners
Children versus dependents - how much is each tax credit?
What constitutes a dependent?
Tax credits for students
Student loan debt deduction
How long do I have to keep my tax records?
How & when to change your withholdings
Why tax refunds aren’t always a great thing
Budgeting your tax refund - use your “windfall” to reach your financial goals!