Life On A Budget

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Life On A Budget Is Good!

Budgets empower you

Whether it’s financial or food, budgeting is empowering, freeing, calming and exciting, because it changes the way you think and dream – and the decisions you make in response to those thoughts and dreams. “CentsAble” Bobbi compares budgeting to dieting, sharing ideas for using both to reach your goals.

Restriction or Redirection?

Budgets strategize spending

If you’re restricting your spending today, it’s for a specific spending purpose tomorrow or somewhere in the future. A budget is simply a breakdown of your money and a plan for how you want to spend it. Life on a budget doesn’t mean you have less money, but that you’re choosing to only spend a certain amount for one thing, so you have enough to spend on another – as opposed to just spending because there’s still money in your bank account. That’s mindless spending, and it causes a lot of stress down the line, when you realize there are still other things you need to pay for, which you didn’t think about in the moment, and there’s no money left.

The Beauty of The Budget

Reduce financial stress

A budget simply keeps track of everything you need to pay for, helping you make financial decisions with less stress, and you can use it to hit your financial goals like paying off debt, saving for a vacation, anything you want! This is why I love budgeting!

Budgets Are Not One-Size Fits All!

Make it personal

Your budget should reflect your values and goals, as much as your wants and needs. What works for you, may not work for others. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your budget. Its purpose is to help you achieve your best life! Life on a budget – try it! You might like it!

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