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Teaching Kids About Money August 5, 2019

Jeff Socha, Senior Advisor and Founding Partner at Ark Financial, talks about kids & money – how and when should you begin teaching them financial literacy? An early start can help them begin their adult lives with the knowledge and resources to help them avoid becoming a slave to money.  


Allowance – cash or credit card?
Kids with credit cards – teachable moment, or disaster in the making?
Rewards programs versus traditional allowance
Managing cash in a digital world
The importance of teaching kids to track their spending
Financial education starts at home. 

The power of compound interest & saving early

Understanding student loans – before you sign on the dotted line
When kids start asking for money, it’s the right time to teach them financial literacy.
Tough love is an important part of empowering kids to manage their financial lives.
Benefits of a financial advisor
Resources are not just about dollars and sense; get creative!

CentsAble Bobbi discusses how budgeting can help you deal with the emotional side of money and how to think creatively, to avoid debt.