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Financial Horror Story

Bobbi Olson Podcast

The minute I graduated high school, I started to get all the credit card offers, but in my mind, credit cards lead to overspending and debt. So, I decided not to get one. Build my credit score? For what? You only need a good credit score to buy a house, right? I’ll never be able to afford that, so who cares? But the poor mindset doesn’t let you believe there’s any money to save! Things are always desperate. So I had no savings account and no credit card. Then the hits started coming!

In This Episode

  • Finding out, the hard way, what it means to co-sign
  • How I managed to have bad credit, before having any credit!
  • Skipping regular car maintenance – money saver or REALLY bad idea?
  • How not paying attention cost me A LOT of money!
  • Messing with the IRS
  • How I learned to track my spending & budget
  • A message of hope, from the formerly “hopeless!”

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