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End Financial Stress Now August 19, 2019

Author & Money coach, Emily Guy Birken discusses her book, “End Financial Stress Now: Immediate Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Financial Outlook”Emily’s book covers strategies & mindsets that you can use, to relieve your financial stress! 


It IS possible to stop worrying about money forever – at any income level!
How to confidently answer the question, “can we afford it?”
Planning is what keeps financial stress at bay.
Going from “I need someone to help me” to “what can I do to make this better” puts you in control!
Money is a tool; you decide how to use that tool.
The cost of “free” and how to combat it
Stop “putting out little fires” and start preventing the fires!
How financial stress impacts your ability to think clearly
Building slack into your budget
The difference between financial problems and financial stress – and how to deal with them

Finding financial resources, regardless of your income level
Ways to build confidence in dealing with financial issues
How strategizing ahead of time can help prepare you for financial emergencies
How the “scarcity mindset” can lead to poor financial decisions
Changing embarrassment into curiosity, when it comes to money
Chasing the spending high
How expressing gratitude can curb your spending
Financial enabling & dependency – are you helping or hurting your loved one?
Budgeting is about maintaining your relationship with money
Ideas for achieving a stress-free financial life

Plus, CentsAble Bobbi shares how budgeting has helped relieve her stress.