photo of Michele Cagan

Debt 101

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Understanding debt, sidestepping the landmines that come with it and avoiding scams along the way – with CPA, Michele Cagan, Author of “Debt 101.”

In This Episode

  • Good debt versus bad debt – is there a difference?
  • Understanding student loan debt
  • Financial aid versus student loans
  • Benefits & pitfalls of debt consolidation
  • Benefits & pitfalls of credit builder loans
  • How building credit can help pay off debt
  • Best ways to build your credit
  • Secured versus unsecured debt
  • Pitfalls of home equity loans
  • Dangers of payday loans
  • Alternatives to payday loans
  • Benefits & pitfalls of using apps & online banks for early access to your money
  • Using basic math to make your best financial decision
  • Using a holistic financial view to deal with debt
  • Debt is optional – the choice is YOURS!
  • Budgeting for debt
  • Financial empowerment
  • Dealing with medical debt
  • When is bankruptcy the right choice?

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