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Gratitude and A Debt Free Journey November 25, 2019

Holistic Life Coach, Dafne Wiswell shares her family’s journey to being debt free - the sacrifices they’ve made and what they’ve learned, plus what’s next, after the debt is gone. Plus, CentsAble Bobbi discusses the financial benefits of gratitude. 


How Dafne and her family became debt free, after losing a 6-figure income
Shifting your lifestyle, without becoming resentful
Getting the kids onboard with sacrificing in the present, for a better future
How saving money out of necessity became a fun game with exciting long term goals
Getting creative about making & saving money
Finding support during the hard times
The positive side of scarcity
Benefits of changing your mindset about money
How gratitude impacts your financial life
Planning for life after debt
Feelings of gratitude can reduce impulse buying and insufficient saving
How contentment can lead to better spending and saving habits
Ways to focus daily on gratitude
Abundance versus wealth
How social media impacts gratitude
How gratitude leads to financial well-being
Happiness doesn’t come from success - success comes from happiness! 

Links and Resources

“Breakthrough” by Dafne Wiswell

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