Budget Coaching

A Budget Makes All The Pieces Fit

Myth: Budgeting is restrictive.

Truth: Budgeting gives you freedom to decide how money is spent, not wondering where it went.

If you’re tired of debt, struggling to make ends meet, stressing about car repairs or medical emergencies, it’s time for a change!


  • Waiting for bills, instead of waiting for money to cover them!
  • Paying cash for unpredictable medical expenses or car repairs!
  • Being debt free!
  • Financial Peace

Benefits of working with a Budget Coach:

  • An accountability partner, to walk you through the process, discuss ideas & help you stay on track
  • A concrete plan & timeline for reaching your goals
  • Peace of mind & confidence to handle money issues today and in the future
Picture of puzzle with Budget Coach piece
Coaching from CentsABLE Chat helps bring your financial picture together


Financial Pictures

During these initial steps, we get an absolute understanding of your current financial situation.

Spending Plans

CentsAble Chat can create a spending plan tailored to your needs, or learn to create your own.

Budget Coaching

Through one-on-one sessions, you'll learn to monitor and track income & expenses by creating a zero-based budget.


Financial Freedom!

I highly recommend working with Bobbi for YNAB coaching. I have been working with her for several months and in that time I have not only learned how to use YNAB but more importantly I FINALLY feel like I have my finances in order. I have much more peace of mind knowing exactly where my money is going. I don’t worry about paying my credit card bills or where the money is coming from. I actually look forward to paying them off because I know I have the money for it now. Imagine that! On top of that my credit score has jumped over 100 points since working with her! She created a “spending plan” for me. We don’t use the dreaded B word here aka Budget. That spending plan helps me know exactly where all of my money my is going for each pay period. Each dollar I earn every two week from each paycheck is assigned a job either to pay bills or go towards a vacation line time, investing, savings, etc. She is easy to work with, flexible with her schedule and very patient, which I really needed when we first started working together, because I hated looking at my finances and would easily become frustrated. Looking at my money always just stressed out. I guess because I never had them organized and didn’t know where my money was going. When I first started we worked together weekly for awhile now we check-in monthly to make sure I’m on track and to stay accountable. If you don’t have a budget, don’t know where your money is going, stressed about your finances then I would highly recommend learning YNAB and get coaching with Bobbi. She’ll help you get on track and get you set up for a path of financial freedom.
Rob C.

Almost Debt-Free!

Bobbi has helped me fund my expenses, before their due. She's a great budget coach and has taught me to find solutions for cutting expenses, so my income goes further. And, I'm almost debt free!

Wendy A.

I Have a Budget!

Everything I thought was overwhelming is now simple & easy to maintain. Thanks to Bobbi's budgeting skills, I can track my money, am less stressed and have a realistic timeline to buy my first home.
Alexis S.


We needed to get our finances in order, so we reached out to Bobbi. Scary concepts became easy, as she explained what to look out for & how to budget. Our finances are now in better shape!
Ashley & Brian L.

Conquered Budget!

I’m a Physical Therapist, an Actor and a Landlord with variable income so to say I’m scattered is an understatement. For years, I’ve been searching for the budgeting tool right for me and several months ago I signed up for YNAB. My gut told me it was the right one but something seemed off as my numbers didn’t line up. I heard Bobbi on a podcast and decided to reach out. It was the best thing I could’ve done for my budget and for my peace of mind. She helped me get everything in line for all of my accounts and we troubleshooted some issues I was having between regular budgeting and tracking accounts. I never felt like an issue would go unresolved because it was clear she kept copious notes and followed up on EVERYTHING! It was a joy working with Bobbi and I hope she and my budget stay in touch.

Heather H.

Confident & Focused!

Bobbi helped my money mind set go from vagueness and unfamiliar, to confident and focused. When Bobbi and I first met about seven months ago, I was trying for a second time, to use YNAB as my budgeting tool. My lack of confidence with computers added to the emotional side of money for me, and proved to be an insurmountable hurdle. Bobbi and I met weekly. Her familiarity with YNAB and financial coaching skills were foundational. Our time together was spent correcting any mistakes made in my weekly tracking, and demystifying zero-based budgeting. Before working with Bobbi, my solution to money needs was to work six days a week and pay off debt with minimum payments. As a result of working with Bobbi, I was able to pay off $21,000 dollars of debt, and have cut back to a consistent four-day-a-week work schedule. Bobbi helped me see that my monthly needs could be met with my biweekly paycheck. This knowledge made it a comfortable decision to put all of the windfall of money towards debt. Currently, we are mapping out a plan for the whole year that will give me the tools to anticipate my financial wants, needs and desires so I can live out my abundant life. 

Michele C.

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