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Talking Money With Your Honey July 22, 2019

Clare Dubé is a financial therapist and founder of “Smart Chats” a financial conversation process for saving money and relationships together. She helps couples and business partners in money conflict go from chaos to clarity and connection! She’ll discuss financial infidelity, tips for avoiding money conflicts and how to talk money with your honey! 

Plus, CentsAble Bobbi shares budgeting tips for weddings & vacations 


The importance of discussing money with your honey – before you get married
Working together to reach your financial goals
How to communicate effectively about money
What is financial infidelity?
Surviving financial infidelity
Separate or joint finances – which is better?
Compromising on financial decisions
The importance of clarity
Taking the emotion out of money
How to decide if your relationship needs financial therapy
Budgeting as a couple – the balance of duties
SMART Chats – Saving Money and Relationships Together
How money impacts many relationships – not just the romantic ones
Saving Secret – budget high for all expenses! It can help you break the paycheck to paycheck