Build Your Wealth, Not Theirs

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Ryan Sterling, Author of “You’re Making Someone Else Rich” talks about how to fight the “spending” system and how gratitude can build wealth. Plus, CentsAble Bobbi shares ideas for breaking big goals into small steps, catching snowflakes year-round and finding gratitude in a pandemic.

In This Episode

  • Fighting the “spending” system
  • The components of wealth
  • How to defeat spending triggers
  • Figuring out what you want and how to get it
  • How action leads to freedom
  • Financial benefits of gratitude and abundance
  • You might be a one-percenter!
  • Defeating financial unrest
  • Building wealth is a journey – enjoy the process!
  • How budgeting can help you “pay yourself first”
  • Breaking huge goals into achievable steps
  • How pain brings about growth
  • Experiences versus stuff
  • Will your stuff ever be enough?
  • The power of the struggle
  • Budgeting from a position of strength
  • Turning your budget into a value statement