Be Your Own Hero

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Everyone needs a hero, someone to bring them back from the brink of despair! What if that someone…was you? Listen to Gina Zakaria’s story of how a jar of pickles changed her life – and led her down the path of becoming her own hero – debt free and loving life…and how you can do it too!

In This Episode

  • Gina’s pickle jar story
  • Using mistakes & failures to create positive changes
  • From powerless victim to hero
  • Finding the right strategy for you
  • The importance of being resourceful
  • No matter how big the financial hole, you can get out!
  • Why self-reliance is critical
  • Applied knowledge is power
  • The freedom of being debt-free
  • Finding momentum in positive money choices
  • Trials & tribulations on Gina’s debt-free journey
  • Finding focus, when you hit rock bottom
  • Budgeting for your dreams
  • The truth about frugality
  • How to make your money work for you
  • The importance of writing down your goals
  • Debt payoff cheat sheet
  • Negotiating to save money
  • Paying it forward – teaching your kids about money
  • Finding & using the resources you need