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Your Money Mindset

Bobbi Olson Podcast

How to shift your money mindset & create options that take you from financial chaos to financial peace – with Ashley Patrick, Founder of and Host of The Money Mindset Podcast

In This Episode

  • Prioritizing Your Finances
  • Covering “The Four Walls”
  • Finding resources when money is scarce
  • How communication can save you money
  • Budgeting during a financial crisis
  • Free help with budgeting
  • How Ashley paid off $45,000 in 17 months!
  • Dangers of a 401K loan
  • Debt is relative – focus on your plan
  • Facing the truth about your debt – first step in destroying it!
  • Income versus debt – is a student loan worth it?
  • Alternatives to student loans
  • The difference between wish and want
  • Creating S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Starting with small goals – Baby Steps!
  • Using mistakes to create success
  • Benefits of being debt-free
  • Tips for paying off debt – and staying debt-free
  • Dangers of using home equity to pay off debt
  • Benefits of a financial coach

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