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Debt Free Degree November 4, 2019

Nearly 1 million students are currently in default - one goes into default every 28 seconds. The average college student will graduate $35,000 in debt and for nearly 1/5th of them, the bill will be $100,000 or more. Don’t be normal! You CAN go to college 100% debt free! Anthony ONeal, Author of “Debt Free Degree” is going to teach you how.
​Plus, CentsAble Bobbi discusses ways to think differently about money! 


Should you take a gap year?
Thinking differently about money
The long-term cost of student debt
You can apply for scholarships in middle school!
Do your research and plan - it can save you a ton!
How extracurricular activities and grades impact financial aid
The Six P’s: proper prior planning prevents poor performance

School teachers, principals & firefighters can become millionaires!
Research the pay associated with your dream job - it might surprise you!
Removing the option of student loans allows us to see other opportunities 
The average borrower thinks they can pay off their student loan within 2 years of graduation
The caliber of your financial future will be determined by the financial choices you make today
Alternatives to student loans: community college, cash, trade schools, tech schools, work, scholarships, grants, 529 plans, ESA’s, church support

Studies show that, 12 years after graduation, the average borrower still owes between 65% and 113% of the balance, plus interest.Studies show that the average kid who works 10-19 hours a week in high school & college performs better academically.