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Protecting Your Vehicle (Without Breaking The Bank) September 23, 2019

Insurance…the product we love to hate! How do we protect our vehicles without breaking the bank? Andrew Rose, President & CEO of Compare.com shares his expertise! Compare.com was built out of a desire to make finding the best price on car insurance a much easier, much quicker process. 


Savings versus insurance
Benefits of shopping around for auto insurance – and how easy it can be
Shop around often – rates are changing all the time!
Main factors that determine how much you pay
Your credit rating highly effects your insurance rates!
Deductibles versus premiums and how to choose the best amounts
Pros & cons of large versus small insurance companies
Full coverage versus liability only – which is best for you?
When is it time to reduce coverage?
Valuable “extras” versus sucker bets
The difference between collision and comprehensive
Uninsured motorist – do you need it?