photo of financial counselor Adam Kol

Love and Money

Bobbi Olson Podcast

A Ramsey Solutions survey states that fights over money are the second leading cause of divorce. Learn to have meaningful discussions about money, as Financial Counselor Adam Kol chats about money & relationships, celebrating your Valentine on a budget, money mindsets and how to change them. Plus, CentsAble Bobbi gets into some ways to show your love…by buying gifts for yourself.

In This Episode

  • Adam’s journey from tax attorney & financial advisor to couples financial counselor
  • Valentine’s Day on a budget
  • Are you and your valentine on the same page, financially?
  • Getting past the fear of talking about money
  • Turning money fights into constructive conversations
  • When to start having conversations about money
  • How money conversations can lead to deeper intimacy
  • Giving financial counseling as an engagement present
  • Working with a financial counselor during life’s major events
  • How planning can reduce money fights
  • Benefits of money dates – dreaming together
  • Key false beliefs that stop people from being successful in their money talks
  • Money mindsets are learned, so they can be changed!
  • Embracing the differences, as well as the similarities
  • Unconventional ways to show love with money

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