Achieving A Better Life Experience

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The Path To Achieving A Better Life Experience

A 529 ABLE Plan leads to less stress

Until 2014, achieving a better life experience for the disabled was difficult and resulted in a lot of heartache for them and those caring for them.
Too many assets meant reduced or lost SSI or SSDI benefits, therefore financial struggles were almost a given.
According to Author Patricia Roberts, help is available through a 529 ABLE Plan. A visit to is a great start to gain more information.

Independence Is Attainable

Tax-free money leads to more control

The freedom of a 529 ABLE plan is indisputable, because it provides tax free earnings on the money you save and the ability to spend that money, tax free, for a wide range of expenses.
Independence is no longer a pipe dream, because these plans give more control and allow for more discretion in their quest to achieve a better life experience.

Benefits That Change Lives

Help is available from friends and family

Benefits of a 529 ABLE plan are vast and life-changing!
Although capped at $15,000 per year, contributions are not limited to a disabled person’s minimal earnings, because friends, family and employers are allowed to contribute, as well. Furthermore, accounts valued at up to $100,000 will not affect SSI or SSDI benefits. And even though there’s no federal tax deduction for contributions, many states allow for this. These tax-free funds may be used for a variety of expenses including medical care, housing, transportation and education, to name a few, but a good place to get a full handle on benefits is

Who Qualifies

How to determine if a 529 ABLE is for you

Medically qualified persons whose disability started before the age of 26 may take advantage of this plan, even if you don’t receive SSI or SSDI benefits, as long as you meet Social Security’s criteria and receive a letter of disability certification from a licensed doctor.

Take The First Step

It’s easy with the right information

Opening an account is fast and easy! A good place to start is because they outline available options for all 50 states, and be sure to check out their helpful flipbook.  Also, many online brokerage firms can help you set up a 529 ABLE plan.