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What Is CentsA.B.L.E.?

No matter how little you have, you are A.B.L.E. to achieve a worry-free approach to your financial life.

Change your mindset and learn new tools that help you on your journey to financial freedom
Learn to control your money, instead of letting it control you
Use your money to get what you need, and what you plan for
Achieve a worry-free approach to your financial life, and enjoying the benefits


Meet "CentsAble" Bobbi

My name is Bobbi Olson. I was raised poor and believed my situation was hopeless.

“I can’t afford it” was my motto, and I immediately excused any offered solutions as overwhelming or unattainable, because I was never taught to respect the purpose of money, and never realized that it’s just a tool.

I gave up before I ever got started.

I believed that if only I could make more money, or work more hours, my financial life would improve, but it never did. Raises, tax refunds, bonuses – nothing seemed to make a difference!
​I was late on payments, destroyed my credit and continually made bad financial decisions out of pure desperation.
I watched, in amazement, as lottery winners, movie stars and personal friends, who had vast financial resources, went broke! That’s when I realized poor was a choice. 

It was hard to admit, but I finally learned that changing the way I think about money and disciplining myself to manage it, was the only way to gain control of my finances.  
I didn’t want to be afraid anymore – stressing about how to keep the lights on, fix the car or pay for an emergency room visit – I was sick of it! 
So after years of producing a financial radio show focused on managing million dollar portfolios, I realized that the strategies, concepts and ideas would work for any budget/my budget/your budget, and learned the basics of managing money.
It was easier than I ever thought it could be, and I’m now debt –free! 

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and hear your stories, as we all strive to lead CentsAble lives!​ 

Budget Coach "CentsAble" Bobbi Olson
Budget Coach "CentsAble" Bobbi Olson

Graduate of the Financial Coach Academy