5 Ways To Find Motivation

Bobbi Olson Podcast

Last week, I outlined 5 ways to be debt-free in ’23. They were extreme! Hopefully  you saw them as motivation to get started, because as extreme as they are, they are also possible – at any income level! But if these ideas were overwhelming and caused you to reconsider even trying, then we need to take a step back and refocus on why this is important to you.

Here are 5 Motivational Exercises For Debt-Freedom.

One – Name Your Prize
What you would do with debt-freedom? Write down a minimum of 3 things you could do, if you were debt-free, that you can’t do now. Close your eyes and picture a day in your life without debt! What does it look like?

Two – Check The Savings
How much extra money would you have each month, if you had no debt?
This could help you picture a day in your life without debt, because now you what you have to work with. Here’s an easy exercise to help you figure it out: Make a list of all your monthly debt payments and the amount you’re paying. Add them up and write down the total.

Three – Decide What It’s For
Now that you know how much money debt is stealing from you each month, think about what you would do with it, if you were debt-free. What’s next? Saving, so you never have to borrow again? Cutting your work hours, so you can spend more time with the kids? Taking up a hobby you’ve never been able to afford? Write it down, to keep you focused when you feel weak.

Four – Name Your Price
What would you do for debt-freedom? If the ideas we talked about last week were too extreme, what are you willing to do instead? Write down a minimum of 3 ideas right now and then put them aside. Review them tomorrow and see how you feel about them. Maybe you’ll find them too outlandish, or maybe you’ll come up with 3 more that you’re more comfortable with. The most important thing is to pick something you can commit to.

Five – Find Your Focus
I believe, though not always easy, debt freedom is possible – regardless of age, race, gender or income level. But on your journey, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks. It matters what you think, what you believe and what’s important to you. So focus on what you can do today and let go of what you can’t. Keep your eye on the prize and give yourself grace when you make mistakes. Check out “A Budgeter’s Guide to Serenity” to help you stay focused.


If you need help finding your motivation or creating a plan to get started on your debt free journey, book a free call with me: bobbi@centsablechat.com and we’ll brainstorm strategies and ideas to help you get started.